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by Janelle Lawrence

book by: Miranda Amitrano & Janelle Lawrence

music & lyrics by: Janelle Lawrence

Feb. 15th



March 12th

August 16th



July 9th



May 21st



April 19th



July 26th



November 29th

Theatre and Space                  


Making the Ensemble 


Writing a Musical

A Tribute to Idina 

Short scene Big Role*

A Tribute to Bob Fosse*

Beginner Tap for Musical Theatre

After high school graduation, new batches of hopeful performers audition for New York East College of the Arts (NYEArts). Among the auditioning students are a close trio of African American girls, trying to bring some diversity to the predominately white college (NYEArts). The Artistic Director is also in favor of some diversity however, some of the other professors and students are having difficulty accepting the change. After all 3 girls are accepted to the college they face perplexing difficulties as their race is consistently brought into the light. The girls power through and perform together at the end of the semester showcase proving to everyone who doubted them that their talent outweighs the color of their skin.

* denotes Guest Artist

July 7th - 27th
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